Things To Do In Houston

Things To Do In Houston – Here’s Our Advice

Situated o­n a flat, almost featureless Gulf Coast plain, Houston sprawls from its center in vast tracts of subdivisions, freeways, office parks, and shopping malls. Many visitors are surprised by such green surroundings, but the climate is much the same as coastal Louisiana and Mississippi – warm and humid with ample rainfall. To take advantage of the year-round warm weather, Houston has 430 municipal parks and 165 golf courses.

Houston Texas map

Facts and stats

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States. Not usually considered a tourist destination, most visitors come here for business or family reasons and are lured into playing tourists o­nly after getting here.

Houston’s society has a dynamism that is palpable and has brought a flood of newcomers from around the world, who have found it a welcoming city. It is also o­ne of the most family-friendly vacation destinations in the country, with many facilities and attractions created with families and children in mind.

The city’s welcome starts with a trolley system that takes you just about anywhere for FREE!

Houston Metro Rail System

Things To Do In Houston

Houston as an Adventure

Turn in any direction, and Houston’s attractions lead to adventure. Head north to play the ponies or to shop at a Texas-sized flea market. Southward bound, you can explore space or dive into the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston.

East, west, and everywhere in between brings you more new discoveries, as well as some old favorites. Start in the middle of things, downtown, at Houston Visitors Center in City Hall for a helpful preview of attractions in the greater Houston.

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Houston grows more cosmopolitan every day, as ethnic restaurants and specialty shops spring up throughout the city along with exotic temples and churches – Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, and Russian Orthodox – built much as they would be back in the mother country.

Houston’s Theater District

The arts give proof to the city’s dynamism. In the performing arts, Houston excels: an excellent symphony orchestra, a highly respected ballet and opera companies, and a dynamic theater scene that few cities can equal in quantity or quality.

Wortham Theater CenterHouston is o­ne of just five cities in the United States that sustains all the major performing arts with resident troupes. Located in a 17-block area in the heart of downtown, the seating capacity of Houston’s Theater District ranks second o­nly to that of New York City.

If you are not a connoisseur of the arts or a history buff, then a trip to this sophisticated Southwestern city will give you more than your share of thrills and chills!! Grown-ups looking for a truly unusual experience should try The Texas Air Aces. Located at Hooks Memorial, the Aces provide their clients with the thrill of mock dogfights.

Houston we have a problem…

houston nasa space centerOften called Space City-USA, Houston is home base to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. A must-see for all visitors to the city is NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Here you can touch moon rocks, try some astronaut food and explore the future of manned space flight.

One stop should be the Downtown Aquarium, which features a new shark tank, dancing fountains, a diving bell, a Ferris wheel, an aquatic carousel, arcades, and train rides.

For the theme park enthusiasts, Six Flags Astroworld offers 33 spectacular rides, including nine roller coasters with four miles of twists, turns, and loops. At Splashtown, thrill-seekers can enjoy dozens of water adventures and acres of incredible rides, slides, chutes, and pools – an ideal place to take the whole family o­n a hot summer day.

Kid-friendly City

As a parent can quickly grasp, Houston is kid-friendly. A tour of southeast Houston will take you to The Orange Show, with which young kids display an almost instinctual connection; the boat trip o­n the Ship Channel; a visit to the Battleship Texas; and the wonders of Space Center Houston. After that, there’s a visit to the boardwalk in Kemah, a trip to the beach, or to Moody Gardens in Galveston.

South of downtown, you have the Museum District, which includes the Children’s Museum, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Museum of Health & Medical Science. Also, of course, there’s Houston Zoological Gardens, which has a special children’s zoo that explores the different ecological zones of Texas. To the southwest is the George Ranch Historical Park for kids interested in cowboys and the Old West.

Houston Museum of natural science

Sport and Activities

For racing enthusiasts, Sam Houston Race Park celebrates the spirit and elegance of thoroughbred and quarter horse racing with live and simulcast racing in northwest Houston. The facility features seasonal live racing o­n a 7/8-mile turf track and o­n a o­ne-mile, oval dirt track – touted to be o­ne of the best surfaces in the nation. Come rain or shine, experience live greyhound racing and pari-mutuel wagering at Gulf Greyhound Park. The track’s unique appeal includes Texas’ largest full-service restaurant, The Terrace Club, where diners enjoy track views.

For shopaholics, there is the Traders Village, a 60-acre market that hosts an average of 800 merchants and o­ne million bargain-seekers each year. Other special attractions include kiddies’ rides, restaurants, and special events.

Traders Village’s RV Park, praised by Trailer Life, Wheelers and Woodall’s, includes a swimming pool and 50-amp service. This place we especially recommend as a stop for full-time RV travelers.

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Houston’s architecture stands out for its bold, even brash, character.

This is, after all, home to the first dome stadium – the Astrodome – which was billed at the time as “the eighth wonder of the world.” Several buildings are striking not o­nly for their dramatic appearance but also for their irreverence – o­ne skyscraper is crowned with a Mayan pyramid, another wryly uses the architectural features of Gothic churches for a bank building, and a pair of towers in the Medical Center unmistakably represents two giant syringes.

We Love Houston

There is little that is said about this city, and the more time o­ne spends here, the more this is appreciated.

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Full Time RV Living

Full Time RV Living – How To Make the Dream a Reality

Most people who dream of full time RV living are quickly overwhelmed when they start to think of how to actually make it happen. Jobs, families, debt and more become massive roadblocks for planning a trip that lasts beyond a few weeks, and these concerns are justified.

Proper planning can remove these obstacles and open the possibility of full-time RV traveling.

Full time RV Living & Traveling – Is It Realistic At This Point In Life?

The first important question one needs to answer is whether or not traveling and basically living in RV full-time is a realistic possibility within the next six months.

School, pregnancy and medical conditions are obvious events that would make traveling in the immediate future difficult or impossible.

Less obvious factors include financial debt, children, dogs, and other life planning that might take precedent. However, people travel under the above-mentioned factors and so it all comes down to personal preference.

Full-Time RV Living: Tips For Making Dream Come True

Narrowing the dream

Creating a mission statement or specifying a goal for the trip helps with most of the remaining questions.

  • Will the trip focus on off-roading, boondocking, and dry camping?
  • Will it be spent weeks at a time in one spot?
  • Does having a tow car make sense?
  • Will it be cold?
  • Is vehicle maintenance on an older rig a concern?

These are all key to shaping what the rest of your planning will look like.

Planning the trip

Now that the trip is a possibility and some of the key questioned are answered, planning the trip is now possible.

  • How many people and pets will be traveling in one vehicle?
  • Is the vehicle an RV, van or even a boat?
  • When is the earliest date the trip can begin, or when is the ideal date of departure?
  • Determining sufficient cargo space: how many bulky items will be carried? Kayaks, big coolers, your children’s ride on toys etc?

The great part at this point in planning is it’s all just been a thought experiment and there are no commitments. This continues to be the case, usually until the first big purchase is made: The vehicle.

Determining the setup

If the group is small, a van is a versatile, cost-effective approach to the full time traveling lifestyle. Van dwelling, as they call it, is an increasingly popular option for wanderers.

Full-Time van Traveling

For bigger families or groups, an RV might be the best bet with added room and more of a home feel. Determine a monthly budget threshold for rent and utilities. RVs allow for a more spacious living, but the cost scales up as luxury and space increases.

fulltime RV living

RV and tow car

Once someone has purchased the vehicle, the dream becomes more of a reality, but still not a commitment. For the remainder of the article, the details will center on a specific setup: the RV and tow car.

The three main options for towing a vehicle are flat-towing, dolly, and trailer. The type of tow-vehicle usually determines which type of towing apparatus.

Flat-towing offers the most flexibility and ease in terms of hooking up and disconnecting. RV tow capacity, hitch rating, tow-vehicle curb weight, to list just a few factors to consider, should be studied extensively before making purchases.


If working on the road is a necessity, then internet and cell service will be critical. There are many options to choose from and the technology for working remotely continues to grow.

For nationwide coverage, Verizon continues to be a strong choice for cell service, which will most likely become the source of wifi for the RV through a hotspot. Additionally, boosting the cell signal is required if there are work deadlines.

The final countdown TO Full Time RV Living

When the trip departure date is over a month out, notifying your place of employment and landlord, if applicable, will need to be planned. For employment, notice should be given as close as professionally possible to the departure date.

Dream of Full Time RV TravelingFor landlord or rental agreements, contracts should be reviewed several months before the departure date to eliminate any surprise conditions that might hold up the departure date.

An example of this is some contracts require that you give notice on a certain calendar day and, if missed, the 30-day notice cannot be declared until the next month, hence extending out the contract end date.

When the inaugural beer-cracking commences, the newly-minted traveler can celebrate all the hard work that led them to this point and the life-changing journey ahead. There are many variations on how the trip will look, but many of the topics above are mandatory stepping stones for getting out of the grind and on to the open road.

TIP: As your dream about full-time RV living and traveling will finally come true, you may want to visit one of the coolest places in California – Lake Skinner Park. We like this place a lot.